Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Tell your lawmakers: Provide quality integrated education to ALL students now!

Friday March 24, 2017
Recent news has sparked needed public conversation about the ongoing segregation and inadequate funding that continues to plague Hartford schools, despite a constitutional mandate requiring the State of Connecticut to provide every student with access to a quality integrated education.
The State of Connecticut must do better for our children.
Our efforts have brought us a long way towards education integration, but we still have much farther to go to reach every student, and we need your help.
Contact your local legislator today to urge them to support and expand education integration programs until every child is reached:

  • Find your local lawmakers here. (Click on the name of each lawmaker to reach their websites. Email addresses or contact forms are usually found under “Contact”).
  • Send an email urging them to support and expand education integration programs. An email template is provided below.
  • Share! Forward this email to others, post on your social media pages, and talk to your friends and neighbors about the importance of education integration.
  • Join us for meetings in your district with your legislators. Email Pat Wrice, Director of Outreach and Community Partnerships, at pwrice@sheffmovement.org to sign up.

Email Template: copy and paste to email to your legislators. Add your own words to increase impact!

Dear {lawmaker name},

My name is {name} and I am a {parent/advocate/educator/community member} who resides in your district. I’m writing today to express my disappointment with the slow progress the state has taken to provide every student with their constitutional right to access a quality integrated education as determined in Sheff v. O’Neill. I urge you to support increased funding and expansion of integration efforts and academic and social support programs, remove caps on enrollment, and require the State to adopt a strong commitment to diversity and education equity.

{Include a personal story here. Your personal experiences relevant to education, integration, and systemic racism will help your lawmaker to understand your position.}

All our children deserve to attend schools that are adequately funded and integrated. Through existing integration programs we have provided these opportunities for tens of thousands of Greater Hartford students, but many students remain in segregated, underfunded schools. The state must continue to fund and expand these programs in order to reach every child.
I look forward to hearing your response to this issue and thank you in advance for your support.