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SMC Response to Lottery Reports

Thursday May 4, 2017

The Sheff Movement coalition is alarmed to learn of reported irregularities in the magnet school lottery – such actions run contrary to the values of equity and opportunity for all children upon which the magnet school system was founded, and any placement outside of its lottery guidelines is unacceptable. Thousands of Hartford and suburban families rely on the fundamental fairness of the lottery process, and all parties should do everything possible to ensure its integrity.

We call upon the State of Connecticut and the Hartford school district to publicly provide clarification of its process with regard to magnet school operational plans as they relate to the lottery and special provisions. We further call upon all parties to pledge transparency in their implementation of enrollment procedures at all schools in order to ensure that all students who wish to attend a high-quality magnet school are afforded the fair chance to do so.

We look forward to learning more about measures to be put in place to prevent any lottery irregularities in the future, and we encourage families to continue participation in the lottery while this matter is reviewed and addressed.