Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Sheff Movement Vision 2017: A Call for Collaboration

Tuesday February 14, 2017
As we reflect on a year full of hard work, exciting ideas, and stronger alliances, we enter 2017 with a reinforced spirit and commitment to achieve quality integrated education for all children. The Sheff Movement coalition’s dedication to this critical work is stronger than ever!

We are deeply frustrated by the State of Connecticut’s refusal to expand the magnet school, Open Choice, and other Sheff programs. We recognize that progress toward quality integrated education for all Hartford children is not happening quickly enough. For this reason, we want to be very clear that our coalition supports investment in all Hartford schools, at the same time as we work toward our goal of quality integrated education. Too many children who live in Hartford still do not receive the education they deserve.

The Sheff Movement coalition recognizes the important role that Hartford’s district schools provide in educating our youth, supporting our families, and enhancing our communities. We support, encourage, and hope to help facilitate an open dialogue that addresses ongoing inequities in Hartford public school education.

We call upon community leaders, families, educators, policymakers, and all who are invested in the future of our students to work together, to think creatively, and to co-create innovative new models that fully serve the needs of all our students. The Sheff Movement coalition will continue to be committed to these goals and these important discussions. We look forward to working with you to achieve great things in 2017.