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Sheff Movement Parents and Leaders Visit National School Diversity Conference

Thursday May 17, 2012

About a dozen magnet school and Open Choice parents joined the Sheff Movement at the National Conference on School Diversity in Washington, DC on May 17th. The conference, attended by almost 250 parents, activists, researchers, and government officials from around the country, was held at the Georgetown University School of Law. Visiting Hartford area parents included Rosaline Mitchell, Anita Jackson, Mara Whitman, Mallory Edrich, Brighet Alvarez, Michelle Wallen, Pauline Williams, Denise Patterson, Linda Martin, Lorenzo Blake, Felicia Brown, and Talitha Coggins. Also attending the conference from the Sheff Movement were Elizabeth Horton Sheff, Barbara Zuras, Sheff Movement Communications Director Grace Clark, Liz Dupont-Diehl, Phil Tegeler, and Sheff Movement intern Mary Morr. Hartford education leaders at the conference included Bruce Douglas and Denise Gallucci of the Capital Region Education Council, former Interim State Education Commissioner George Coleman, and Josephine DiPietro-Smith, Principal of the Reggio Magnet School.

Elizabeth Horton Sheff participated in a workshop entitled “Building Community Partnerships and Effectively Conveying Our Messages,” along with Martha McCoy (Everyday Democracy), Donna Nevel (Participatory Action Research Center for Education Organizing), and Brenda Shum (Lawyers’ Committee).