Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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SMC Dialogue with Hartford’s Mayoral Candidates

Monday June 29, 2015

On Saturday morning, June 20, 2015, six of Hartford’s mayoral candidates attended the Sheff Movement coalition’s monthly meeting. More than 40 people participated in a facilitated dialogue about the need for continued support for expanding access to quality integrated education.

Sheff Movement staff provided a brief presentation of the progress made to date and factual information to respond to concerns raised during recent campaign events.

The presentation ended with a question to frame the ensuing dialogue:

How would your leadership as Hartford’s mayor support the coalition’s goals and our children’s constitutional right to a quality integrated education?

Mayor Pedro Segarra was out of state, participating in the annual US Conference of Mayors, so before opening up the dialogue, coalition co-chair Jim Boucher read a letter from the Mayor that we had received the previous day.

During the dialogue, the other candidates were invited to respond to the question and to share their perspectives on priorities for improving educational opportunities for Hartford’s students. Coalition members responded to concerns raised by the candidates, shared their own experiences and also asked the candidates questions.

At the end of the gathering, Jim Boucher invited each of the candidates to submit a brief statement/position paper that could be shared with our coalition supporters, along with the Mayor’s letter.

We have so far received such a statement from three of the other candidates. We will post other statements as they are received.