Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Courant Op-Ed: “Big Gains, No Time To Let Down”

Friday March 17, 2017

“The plaintiffs in the Sheff v. O’Neill school desegregation case are more frustrated than anyone that a significant number of Hartford students of color remain in highly segregated, low-performing schools. We are now more than two decades past the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling that, as a result of racial and ethnic isolation in Hartford’s schools, “[e]very passing day denies … children their constitutional right to a substantially equal education.”

From the day the case was decided up to now, we have been profoundly disturbed at the slow pace and the limited scope of the state’s efforts to provide an education for Hartford children that satisfies their constitutional rights. Over the past decades, we have returned to court multiple times to speed up the process of implementing a remedy and have consistently tried to assure that all students would have the opportunity to realize the benefits of a high quality, integrated education.”

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