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This American Life: The Problem We All Live With

Saturday August 8, 2015

The Problem We All Live With (Part II)
by Chana Joffe-Walt
August 8, 2015
© Ira Glass and Chicago Public Media

Chana Joffe-Walt reports on the Hartford, CT school system, which actively seeks to integrate. The results have been impressive. It used to be that 11% of Hartford students were in integrated schools. Now it’s nearly half. But the trick to the whole thing is: convince white families it’s in their self- interest to go to integrated schools. This requires the kind of marketing skills and savvy we’re more used to seeing at Apple and Pepsi than we are at a public school district.

The report features interviews with Sheff attorney John Brittain and with Enid Rey, Executive Director of School Choice for Hartford Public Schools.

Listen to the archived broadcast of Part II.


Part I of this series focused on a school district in Missouri:

Nikole Hannah-Jones reports on a school district that accidentally stumbled on an integration program in recent years. It’s the Normandy School District in Normandy, Missouri. Normandy is on the border of Ferguson, Missouri, and the district includes the high school that Michael Brown attended.

Listen to the archived broadcast of Part I.