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News Coverage of Civil Rights Project Report

Thursday April 23, 2015

On April 9, 2015, UCLA’s Civil Rights Project released a report showing that Connecticut’s schools are growing more integrated, and the report credited Sheff v. O’Neill as the key factor in setting the state apart from its neighbors:

Connecticut School Integration: Moving Forward as the Northeast Retreats by Gary Orfield with Jongyeon Ee


Several Connecticut news outlets have covered the story:

Connecticut making “clear progress” in desegregating schools, report says, by Mackenzie Rigg (Danbury News-Times, April 15)

UCLA Report Finds Connecticut’s Schools Growing More Integrated; Programs are a “Lighthouse for the Region,” by Jonathan Kantrowitz (Hearst Media blogger, April 16)

UCLA report commends CT open choice policy, by Alec Hernandez (Yale Daily News, April 16)

Danbury schools diverse, but in ways different from rest of state, by Mackenzie Rigg (Danbury News-Times, April 18)

Sheff paid price for victory in landmark schools lawsuit, by Mackenzie Rigg (Danbury News-Times, April 19)

Connecticut must keep up the momentum in school integration, op-ed by Stephen Glassman and Phillip Tegeler (CT Mirror, April 23)