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Sheff in the News

October 24, 2018

“In the 1996 landmark Sheff v. O’Neill case, the Connecticut Supreme Court found that minority students in Hartford’s public schools “suffered daily” due to racial and economic segregation. Now, 22 years later — Connecticut’s magnet school solution to Sheff’s desegregation mandate has been held up as a model for integration around the country. Yet many […]

October 16, 2018

In July 1996, the Connecticut Supreme Court issued Sheff v. O’Neill, a landmark school desegregation ruling. Based on the principles established in the U.S. Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board decision, the state Supreme Court ordered the state to remove the barriers that denied students of all races in Hartford and its suburbs the opportunity to […]

October 3, 2018

The U.S. Department of Education named five Connecticut schools as 2018 National Blue Ribbon Schools, including four public schools and one parochial school. The schools received the awards for high academic performance or for great progress in closing the achievement gap during the past five years. The University of Hartford Magnet School, a Capitol Region Education Council […]

July 23, 2018

“More than 60 years after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, most public schools in America’s major cities remain starkly divided by race and class. But, the magnet schools in Hartford, Connecticut, are exceptions. While no place is perfect, the Hartford region has achieved racial integration that is largely unknown […]

April 20, 2018

At an appearance in New Haven last week, former United States Secretary of Education John B. King highlighted Hartford’s system of school integration programs as a hopeful example of efforts that can effectively address educational achievement gaps, and blamed a lack of political will for the State of Connecticut’s failure to continue to expand those […]