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School Integration: What the Research Says

From the National Coalition on School Diversity:

NCSD Research Brief #1: School Racial and Economic Composition & Math and Science Achievement

NCSD Research Brief #2: How the Racial and Socioeconomic Composition of Schools and Classrooms Contributes to Literacy, Behavioral Climate, Instructional Organization and High School Graduation Rates

NCSD Research Brief #3: The Impact of Racially Diverse Schools in a Democratic Society

NCSD Research Brief #4: What We Know About School Integration, College Attendance, and the Reduction of Poverty

NCSD Research Brief #5: School Integration and K-12 Educational Outcomes: A Quick Synthesis of Social Science Evidence

NCSD Research Brief #6: Magnet School Student Outcomes: What the Research Says

NCSD Research Brief #7: The Reciprocal Relationship Between Housing and School Integration

NCSD Research Brief #8: How Non-Minority Students Also Benefit from Racially Diverse Schools

A summary of the social science evidence demonstrating the benefits of racial integration for reducing interracial prejudice and promoting positive relations between racial groups (by Professor Linda Tropp)

What social science research from the last 20 years says about the effects of integrated education on achievement outcomes (by Professor Roslyn Mickelson)