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SMC Policy Brief: Pre-K Availability and Access in Hartford Region Magnet and Open Choice Schools

Monday April 6, 2015

With 2,135 spots, the Greater Hartford Area’s Magnet and Open Choice Pre-K program (“RSCO Pre-K”) is one of the largest public pre-K programs in the state. It has played an important role in expanding universal preschool in the Hartford region, both supporting Hartford’s underserved families and attracting suburban families to integrated school options. This policy brief by Mira Debs addresses some of the common questions about the scope and demand of the RSCO Pre-K program including:

  • How many Hartford and suburban students are in publicly funded Pre-K programs of all types?
  • How many RSCO Pre-K seats are available?
  • How do available RSCO Pre-K seats correspond to demand, particularly between Pre-K and Kindergarten?
  • What are potential obstacles for families in accessing RSCO Pre-K programs?

This PowerPoint presentation guided the discussion of these issues at the Sheff Movement coalition’s monthly meeting in May 2015.