Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can support our work. Here are a few:

  • Join our mailing list – We’ll keep you informed of events, new research, and how you can help.
  • Share the news – Forward our emails to friends, colleagues, and family.
  • Attend our monthly meetings and other events (and invite us to yours!) – Come to our meetings/events and bring your friends, colleagues, and family. See our calendar.
  • Speak up! – Public officials and policymakers (legislators, school boards, superintendents, etc.) need to hear from constituents who support integration measures, including magnet schools. Take the time to share your perspectives and experiences—help us highlight successful voluntary integration programs and offer ideas on how to improve them. Here are some examples:
    • Contact your state legislator, saying you support Sheff school integration programs and asking what you can do to help. Click here to learn more about our advocacy agenda. 
    • Engage with your Board of Education. Voice your support for integration programs when you can. For example, many suburban towns and schools have room to welcome more Hartford children in the Open Choice Program.
    • Respond to news and write a letter to the editor of your town paper or call your elected officials.
    • Talk to your neighbors and friends about these issues.
  • Donate to the Sheff Movement coalition – Your financial support of the Sheff Movement coalition is greatly appreciated, and helps us continue to mobilize people around the goal of quality, integrated education for all children.