Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Participate in Phone Briefing Re: Extension of Phase 3 Agreement

Monday March 2, 2015
Conference Call
4:30pm and 8:00pm

On February 23, 2015 the Sheff plaintiffs and the State announced a one-year extension of the Phase 3 stipulation.

The Sheff Movement coalition is organizing two phone briefings, led by Alex Knopp, the Plaintiff’s Representative for Sheff v. O’Neill, and Martha Stone, attorney for the plaintiffs:

Monday, 3/2 @ 4:30pm
Monday, 3/2 @ 8:00pm

We are still finalizing the conference call details, but we will send out dial-in info, as well as any handouts, to all those who RSVP by Noon on Monday.

Sheff Movement Statement Re: Extension of Phase 3 Agreement

The Sheff school integration plan is one of the best things happening in Connecticut right now. Tens of thousands of children are benefiting and many more could benefit if the state took a more ambitious approach. The Sheff Movement coalition is disappointed at the slow progress represented by this one-year plan – but we are encouraged that the parties are committed to a new mediation process to set long term goals. We hope the governor can bring the same kind of ambitious vision to quality integrated education as he has shown in his plans for the state’s transportation future.

We acknowledge that the state has committed to fund new capital investment in three Hartford Magnet Schools, and we hope that this work can begin soon. We are also pleased to see that some of the Sheff Movement coalition’s priorities are reflected in the agreement, including: 1) an increase in Hartford resident enrollment in a number of the magnet schools; and 2) an agreement to explore future enrollment priorities for English Language Learners, children with special education needs, and children who have applied unsuccessfully for magnet schools or Open Choice in the past.

In sum, we can expect another year of slow progress toward the goal of quality integrated education for all children. We hope the Governor, the Sheff plaintiffs, and the City will find the resolve and the funds to expand these successful programs significantly in their negotiations later this year. The future of our region and state depend on it.