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Hartford area student activists: Register today for IntegrateUS 2017 Summer Institute!!

July 31-August 2
Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy

The Sheff Movement will be serving as a local host for “IntegrateUS 2017 Summer Institute: Building a National Movement of Youth Leaders for Integration,” so that Hartford Area youth and adult allies can participate in this three-day training together.


IntegrateNYC4me will be hosting a virtual institute on July 31 to August 2 to join, train, and catalyze youth leaders and their adult allies to build their own chapters of Integrate in their communities and to realize the kind of transformation our nation’s students know to be possible and feel to be necessary.

Participants will learn about IntegrateNYC4Me’s student-generated model (“the 5Rs of integration”), which includes:

  1. Race and Enrollment
  2. Resource Allocation
  3. Relationships Across Group Identities
  4. Restorative Practices
  5. Representation of Teachers and Staff


Register for this free training at https://integrateusvirtualsummerinstit.splashthat.com

More details about the training:


July 31 (12-4pm)
Day 1: IntegrateNYC4me will be sharing about the story of how the organization came to be, the structures they have put in place to be successful, and their best kept secrets on how to unlock the magic of youth power and advocacy. This will also be a time for participants to share their vision for youth leadership, consider the tools that they have at their disposal, and begin brainstorming what’s possible in their prospective communities for the 2017-2018 year.


August 1 (12-4pm)

Day 2: IntegrateNYC4me will provide four hours worth of retreat activities for participants to work on to build their vision for the year and generate action plans with their prospective teams or partners. This will allow the participants to powerfully return to day three with their individualized action plan for elevating youth leadership to stand for integration and equity.


August 2 (12-4pm)

Day 3: IntegrateNYC4me will reconvene on the virtual platform with participants and listen to the incredible visions and action plans generated in the previous day of retreat and collaboration. All participants will then join in a IntegrateUS National Network Strategy Building Session to map out the prospective plans for the year, identify areas of resonance, and create a national plan.