Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Contact Your Lawmakers in Support of Integration in Connecticut

Below is a form letter you may use to guide your email to a lawmaker or candidate. Click here to find your state legislators.






Where do you stand on school integration in Connecticut? My name is {NAME} and I am a {PARENT/ADVOCATE/EDUCATOR/COMMUNITY MEMBER} who resides in {TOWN}. I’m writing today because I want to help elect a {OFFICE – GOVERNOR, STATE REP, ETC.} that will vigorously defend, support, and expand our school integration programs.

I’m concerned about a new lawsuit – Robinson v. Wentzell – filed by an outside conservative law group that threatens the progress we have made towards integration in Connecticut. It is critically important to me that our state government commits to protecting and upholding our children’s constitutional right to access a quality integrated education as determined in Sheff v. O’Neill.

{Include a personal story here. Are you a student, or parent of a student, who benefitted from a magnet school or Open Choice education? Community member, or educator? Your personal experiences relevant to education, integration, and systemic racism will help your lawmaker to better understand why this issue is so important.}

I also urge you to support increased funding and expansion of integration efforts and academic and social support programs, remove caps on magnet school enrollment, and require the State to adopt a strong commitment to diversity and education equity.

All of our children deserve to attend schools that are adequately funded and integrated. Through existing integration programs, we have provided these opportunities for tens of thousands of Greater Hartford students, but many students remain in segregated, underfunded schools. The State of Connecticut must continue to fund and expand these programs in order to reach every child.

I look forward to hearing your response to this issue and thank you in advance for your support.