Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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Community Building

The Sheff Movement provides a space for families, students, educators, and supporters all across the region to coalesce around a shared commitment to quality, integrated education for all. We firmly believe that creating opportunities for people–parents, business leaders, community advocates, and policymakers–to see integrated schools in action will lead to increased understanding about why quality, integrated education is worth our time, effort, and resources. Our programming is designed to support and celebrate the work of parents, educators, and students across school and district boundaries.

Here are a few examples of our community building activities:

  • The Sheff Movement’s monthly meetings, which are open to the public and draw supporters from around the region, provide a regular opportunity for parents, educators, and community members to connect with one another and help us create a path to quality, integrated education for all children.
  • Throughout the year, we also support programming in Sheff schools to recognize, celebrate, and support efforts to develop and sustain welcoming, engaged, dynamic, and academically successful learning communities. These events shine a spotlight on the opportunities that Greater Hartford’s integration programs are providing to students, families, and educators.