Quality Integrated Education for All Children
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May 19, 2012

Making Schools Work by David Kirp May 19, 2012 ©The New York Times Amid the ceaseless and cacophonous debates about how to close the achievement gap, we’ve turned away from one tool that has been shown to work: school desegregation. That strategy, ushered in by the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board […]

May 11, 2012

‘Why Don’t We Have Any White Kids?’ by  N.R. Kleinfield May 11, 2012 ©The New York Times IN seventh-grade English class, sun leaked in through the windows. Horns bleated outside. The assignment was for the arrayed students to identify a turning point in their lives. Was it positive or negative? They hunched over and wrote […]

January 10, 2012

Why Is Congress Redlining Our Schools? by Linda Darling-Hammond January 10, 2012 ©The Nation The new version of the federal education law would further entrench the problems besetting schools that serve poor and minority children. Link: http://www.thenation.com/article/165575/why-congress-redlining-our-schools#

March 21, 2011

Separate and Unequal by Bob Herbert ©New York Times March 21, 2011 One of the most powerful tools for improving the educational achievement of poor black and Hispanic public school students is, regrettably, seldom even considered. It has become a political no-no. Educators know that it is very difficult to get consistently good results in […]

December 2, 2010

A Separate and Unequal Education in the 21st Century by Tanya Clay House and Brenda Shum ©The Washington Informer December 2, 2010 The landmark Brown v. Board of Education case was decided during the time when public schools struggled with racial inequality. Fifty-five years since the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case was decided, […]

March 26, 2009

A ‘Stolen’ Education by Susan Eaton March 26, 2009 ©The Nation An inner-city mother jailed for sending her kids to a suburban school district? This belongs to a past we’d do best to leave behind. Police in the Rochester, New York, suburb of Greece recently arrested, jailed and delivered in chains to a local courthouse […]